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Why Online Training??

Kids, at least at our gym, love working out. They are also very busy actually playing the sports we train so hard for, they don't have time to justify paying for a month of training or they feel like that random "guest fee" workout done every other week isn't worth wasting their time with (It is, but I'll talk about that another time).

I hear one of these three, at least twice per week.

"Can't you just move to ...."  

"Hey you should open a location in...." .

"Well maybe when football/basketball/travel ball/golf/volleyball/AAU season is over we can get him/her in..." 

Trust me, I feel ya. On my end of the deal, there are a ton of athletes I hardly ever get to work with because of their other commitments, so believe me, the frustration is mutual. While I can't set up shop in everyone's respective town I can offer the next best thing. 

Online training is the future of free market coaching. The time requirements are minimal compared to making it to a class. Its cheaper, and allows for easy customization on my end. The only drawback, and it is a major one, is the fact that our coaches don't get to assess the athlete on a daily basis. Nor do they get to experience the camaraderie and benefits of good ol'fashioned competition. But if there is one thing I've learned in 20 years in this business, there is NEVER a perfect situation. There is NEVER a perfect time to start. There is only what we have to work with at this given time and we find ways to make it the best it can possibly be. That is what Online Training can do for us.

I do not recommend it for someone that could make it to our gym and just "Doesn't want to" . Like I said, Online Training is a fantastic tool for taking a situation that was allowing for practically zero productivity and making it a situation in which we can get a pretty decent amount out of. If you take an athlete that can make it physically to our gym on a regular basis and begin doing Online Training you are decreasing that athletes level of potential productivity.  

Another former drawback to any kind of distance training was lack of accountability and tracking. With our Trainerize apps that will no longer be an issue. I can see who has logged in each day, as well as which exercises have been checked off the list. I can even set Push Notifications to go out to everyone that hasn't logged in by say 7pm each day, and reminder alerts to go out for people that have failed to login over a couple of day's time. In addition to that all track-able data can be kept within the app so we can always know how effective our training is. 

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