Who is Michael Richards?

Michael Richards

Owner Elite Athletic Performance in Benton, Arkansas



  • International Sports Science Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Eric Cressey Elite Baseball Mentorship

  • National Sports Performance Certified Speed and Agility Coach

  • Approximately 115 scholarship and professional contracts signed since 2012.

  • 18 years of experience

  • Published Author



  • Built out 5 different successful private sector training locations since 2012.

  • Approximately 700% Client growth since 2015

  • Since 2015 EAP has grown from a “Baseball-Only” Training Facility to “Baseball Focused” Training Facility for athletes from every sport simply due to customer demand.



After missing out on an opportunity to play collegiate baseball due to what he describes as  "Youthful ignorance and a slightly bad attitude", Michael began playing semi-pro baseball and attending his sophomore year of college.

Shortly thereafter he began training fitness clients and young athletes as a sole proprietor. What started as a fun way to “Not get a real job” and make extra money in college, has turned into

Elite Athletic Performance LLC, built on a foundation of 18 years and approximately 30,000 hours of “in the trenches” training experience.

Today he strives every day to help kids be the best athlete and person they can be by teaching them how rewarding a burning desire for new information and high-level work ethic can be. A particular love for Velocity training for pitchers has led to countless 90+ MPH clients, and a number of 100+ MPH as well as wealth of professional and collegiate coaching contacts.

In addition to Semi-private training sessions for ages 10 and up, Mike also operates an Online Performance Training business for over 50 remote clients both in, and around his home state of Arkansas.

He also serves as a consultant for over 35 High School and collegiate coaches helping them design their throwing and strength programs around the resources they have available.


Interests and hobbies:


-Deer hunting

-Being at home with his wife, Susan, their daughter Madison and their two dogs Riley and Marco.

3 Interesting/little known facts about Michael:

1) I don't know the term for this, but I have a photographic memory but for audio. I can re-play movies I saw 10 years ago in my head at will. This allows me to remember an absurd amount of useless movie quotes. 

2) I very seldom actually watch sports on TV for more than a few minutes. 

3) I listen to at least one (usually more) audiobooks per week. If I were president I would make everyone read 


-Start With Why

  By Simon Sinek

-The Obesity Code

  By Dr. Jason Fung

*I want to say the Bible but if you force people to read it you are doing more harm than good.*