Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about Online Training.

1) "Who is Online Training for?"

Online Training is for basically anyone that cannot make it to EAP during our determined hours. Obviously, it will never take the place of being in the room, lifting, throwing, and working out with like-minded people, but the fact remains that life "happens" and not everyone lives within driving distance of our facility. 

Athletes that are already involved in a lifting program at school can follow our Velocity/Arm Care program via this platform. Football players that need a summer lifting program or Speed and Agility training can get that here as well. We will soon have vertical jumping programs available as well as Flexibility/Mobility/Soft Tissue Quality programs. We can also provide General Fitness, Flexibility and Wellness programs for non-athletes that just want to stay fit. 

2) "What does it cost?"

Depending on what you need and how long you are willing to agree to train with us, packages range from $15-$120 per month.  Or you can agree to a flat fee and I will customize a program for everything you need. Kind of like "bundling" the Strength, Speed, Flexibility, etc. packages. 

3) "Why do you require 'Agreements' but let’s call it what it is, Michael, it is a contract."

That's fair! I not a big fan of sugar coating so I'm good with the word "contract". I require CONTRACTS because without me being there to supervise the workouts personally, I have to trust the athlete to get it done. Frankly, I require it to scare off the uncommitted. Look, no matter what I charge someone per month, no amount can offset the "cost" to the livelihood of my business than people thinking we don't get results. We've all seen it before, people that are burning red hot to get started, telling everyone how they're "on their grind" then next season rolls around and......nothing. They aren't throwing harder, hitting harder, running faster, jumping higher or any other athletic feat we help people get better at. They have totally moved on, completely forgot about that "grinding" they were doing a few months ago. But everybody they told is a different story.  All they know is this person worked out with the EAP crew and they didn't change, that is unacceptable. 

4) "Well, if you truly inspire your clients, your service will be all the contract you need."

That is fair as well, which is why we do not require contracts for our in-person clients. But let’s be real, most of our clients are teenagers. The majority of teenagers (although there are a few exceptions) don't have enough life experience yet to truly be inspired. So instead of waiting on the few clients that are inspired, I'm going to do the next best thing. I'm going to motivate them with the fact that they or their parents are paying money for this service for a while. 

5) "How will I know how to perform the exercises?"

Each exercise has its own instructional video explaining how to perform it, as well as a place to leave me notes, thoughts, or questions. It even has a timer to keep up with rest periods and planking exercises all on the same page within the app. These guys at Trainerize are so on top of things they realized it is a pain to go back and forth between the timer and the training app so they just went ahead and put one in the app! (See picture below, Picture doesn't always show up on mobile devices)

6) "Do online clients have access to EAP classes?"

An online client that has agreed to a 6 month training program, and is in good standing with EAP can attend two classes per month. Clients can get both online and EAP access for $150 per month with a 6 month agreement. 

7) "What equipment do we need?"

It depends mainly on what you want to do and as always how much money you want to invest.

The strength program CAN be done with no equipment; it’s not ideal for high school athletes, but can be done. The same goes for speed programs. Vertical jumping programs will, at minimum, need a medicine ball and something like a box to jump on, and drop off of. Obviously once older than 14'ish, we really need access to a weight room if at all possible, but I can build around it if that just isn't an option. 

The mobility/recovery programs mainly need a foam roller and a lacrosse or baseball. 

*FYI The consultation form that new clients fills out asks what equipment the athlete has free access to, this helps me build the proper program.*


The velocity program at minimum will require a set of plyo-balls. I recommend the ones from driveline baseball (Get them here  Order Plyo-balls ). You will also need a wall that won't be damaged by plastic balls full of sand being thrown at them.  


We can get by with the plyo-balls alone, but the more of this stuff you have, the better program I can build for you. 

Shoulder Tube:

You can buy an Oates Specialty shoulder tube here or make your own.  Or click here to  check out our Youtube video on how to make your own. 

Ten pound (per wrist) adjustable Wrist Weights:

You can order the really nice ones from the same site as the plyo-balls here or get some at Walmart that are much less quality but will work for $20'ish here. I do like the fact that with the Walmart ones, you can adjust down to 2lbs and up to 10lbs per wrist. That’s big for younger kids.


For Rebounder exercises, you can buy a specialized one if you want, but that one in the attic will work just fine too. Driveline has a collapsible one, you can see it here, that is really cool that fits in your bag, but it isn't necessary. 

Slammable Medicine Ball: 

Don't get the rubber ones from sports academy. Get one that can withstand being slammed. 

Basically any tool that a kid can use to take care of the tissues in their arm. Massage tools, arm sleeves, etc. 

FAQ's about our gym. 

1) "Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm confused. Are you a "Baseball Only" facility or not? You have baseball players on your logo, your facebook page has pictures of guys posing with radar guns but I hear about Volleyball players and Football players working out there."

Ok short version:

We train all athletes. We put the baseball dudes on the logo when we redesigned it because we thought due to our contacts in HS, College, and Professional baseball we might end up being a "baseball only" facility. But then golfers, volleyball, football and basketball players and even some cheerleaders started wanting to be elite too so here we are! 


Slightly less short version:

We do a lot of work with baseball (and softball) players with regard to developing higher (throwing) velocity and hitting instruction. But before any of that happens, baseball/softball athletes, just like every other athlete, MUST develop a very solid foundation of fitness/strength and mobility(flexibility). There is no such thing as a "Baseball" strength program or a "Football" strength program. There are only ATHLETE strength programs that must be adhered to before the cool stuff like weighted ball/bat programs and newfangled speed workouts can happen. Well, they can happen before hand if you want I suppose, it will just be a waste of your hard-earned money and time.

Two points of clarification:

 A) I do sometimes explain our strength workouts as "Baseball Strength Programs" to parents of baseball players that have been told somewhere along the line that it's a bad idea for baseball players to strength train.  Rather than going off on a rant about how that is not true, I just assure them it is a "Baseball friendly" strength program and everyone is happy. 

B) While I am 100% convinced baseball players need to strength train, I do not allow our athletes to Power Clean, Snatch or any other version of high velocity Olympic lifting. I will spare you the details as to why for now, I just wanted to point that out to demonstrate that our strength program definitely has a method to its madness. We don't just go in the weight room and do any and everything whenever we feel like it. 

2) "So what does it cost to workout at your gym? And whats the deal with that "Annual Fee"?

It costs $125 per month to workout at EAP. The annual fee ($75) is due the first month of each calendar year in which an athlete works out at EAP. 

Example: Your first month to workout at EAP in 2017 was say July. The month of July will cost $200. August-December will be $125 per month. Once January 2018 rolls around you will owe another annual fee of $75 with your monthly payment of $125 because it is the first month in which you train at EAP of the calander year. This is one of the ways we offset the cost of uncertainty that comes with not requiring contracts. 


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