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Did you know the owner of EAP, Michael Richards is a published author?? His book will be available on Amazon mid-October 2018! Check out the description below. 

Your Student Athlete: Must Do, Should Do, and Don't

The “Owner’s Manual” for parents to maximize their kid’s time, help them perform better, and avoid injury.

Do you ever ask these questions?


“I’ve seen her/him do so much better. Why won’t they go 100% in a game?”


"What should my kid be doing in the off-season?"


“Should they be lifting weights at that age?”


"Should we go to this showcase??"


“His/her coach said we need to xxxxxx. Is that right?”


"How in the world do I fit all of that in our schedule/budget?"


Or maybe thinking…


“That doesn’t seem right, but he’s the coach.”


“We would love to do that but he/she is always practicing or playing a game.”


"I just want to give my kids the best opportunity to be successful!"



This coach says run laps. That coach said running laps is a waste of time. This coach said “You’re doing the wrong workouts.” That coach said he’s an idiot for saying you’re doing the wrong workouts. Training session or practice? Club team or let them take some time off? How do you really know what's right for you and your kid? They need all of those things right? No wonder parents are so confused!



What's the answer to those questions?


“Make Your kid a Stud Athlete (and Keep Them Healthy In the Process)” is a book designed to help you figure out these questions in simple layman’s terms. This book is going to provide the information you need to answer these questions in a concise and easy to read manner that you can begin using immediately. 


My name is Michael Richards. For over 20 years I have been fascinated with human performance and I have been coaching human performance for almost as long.

In that time I have accumulated approximately 30,000 hours of “on the floor” training experience. Ever heard of the 10,000 Hour Rule (to becoming an expert)? Yeah I’ve tripled that.

I’ve dealt with high level collegiate athletes, pro-level athletes, 8 year olds that can’t even do jumping jacks, and “Gen Pop” (General Population) clients with nutrition, strength training and fat loss. I have basically trained someone for pretty much every possible goal imaginable. A large majority of those 30,000 hours have been spent with youth athletes ranging from our main population of baseball, volleyball, and football players to our smaller populations of basketball players, golfers, and cheerleaders. In spending all of that time with youth athletes, I have learned one of very few universal truths. An athlete is an athlete. Regardless of the sport he or she plays. We as parents and coaches have somehow gotten away from that. Because of that, I see parents running around like crazy trying to get their kid to this practice and that lesson. They really seem confused on how their athlete should be training.




I am going to explain why some of the current trends I see in youth sports are hindering development while seeming to be very helpful.

I purposely made this book “read” like a large “Random thoughts about…” blog. I wanted this book crammed full of useful information for parents. Period. I am a “Function over Form” guy. You are not purchasing this book so you can enjoy the finer side of English literature and formatting. You are purchasing it for results and that is what you are going to get .I’ll share with you some things that I believe to be universal truths, as well as some things that I have figured out anecdotally over my time as a strength coach. This book will teach you some basic things that you really need to know about how your athlete’s body works. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is basically “What Should we be doing??”


Well I’m planning to answer that question in the following pages.  


I didn’t write this book to tell you how you are doing it all wrong because you aren’t following my program. I am providing our baseline athletic development program at the end of the book though for you and your child to get started with if you choose.

I want to help you wade through all of the choices and make an accurate, educated decision on what your child needs in order to become a stud athlete and not get hurt in the process. This book will arm you with the information you need to decide for yourself what they can do at home, what you might want to hire a coach for and what they don’t even need to do at all.



I promise when you finish this book you will be armed with the information that you need in order to set yourself and your child up for success. Not only that, but you will have a tangible program that you can begin immediately to get your kid moving in the right direction and feel comfortable knowing that they are doing what they need. Not too much, not too little.

Don't be that parent sitting in the bleachers wishing they had helped their kid do something to improve last off-season. Get started today being that parent that KNOWS they're providing the correct opportunities for their kid! Not because a guru told you so, but because you have a solid grasp on how athletic development works, instead of throwing money at instructors and staying stressed to the max running a cab service between practices and lessons. 

Don't let the opportunity pass by to be the proud parent in the stands watching their kid dominate! Be the parent that other parents are looking at asking: 


"What did -insert your child's name here- do to get so good?" 

"What are you feeding that kid?" 

You get the picture...


The ideologies and training tips that you are about to learn in this book have been proven to be successful methods for building healthy, successful athletes. All you have to do to put them to use….is keep reading. Each chapter will give you new insight as you strive to help your kid be as successful as possible. 


Now….let’s get started

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