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EAP Annual

Open Showcase Workout


December 19, 2020

We call it the "Open" workout because you do not have to be an "EAP Athlete" to participate.

2019 We had 17 colleges involved in-person and virtually. 

2020 (As I type this) We have 11 of those 17 colleges confirmed to return as well as a few new ones. The ones that haven't confirmed yet had coaching changes or something else outside of our control so are taking longer to get confirmed.

We also have 9 MLB regional scouts from 5 different MLB Organizations confirmed to watch the livestream so this  showcase is not just for Uncommitted athletes, its for anyone that fits in the following two categories:

-HS Grad class 2023 or older

-Interested in playing at a level higher than they are playing now. That includes Jr College guys that will need a 4yr school and guys looking for a shot in pro-ball.

We had 37 athletes participate in 2019. Of those 37, 21 were signed. 

What will we do?

60 yard dash(Weather permitting)

Power Ball Toss(This is the Medicine Ball throw that correlates most closely to higher throwing and hitting velocities)


Exit Velocity

Fielding/Fielding velocities


Mound Velocity reporting

PitchLogic data to give coaches better information on the shape of each pitch.


Pop Times via Hittrax

We will utilize Hittrax for each hitting group to give better feedback on what each

swing result would have been on the field.


*Due to Covid numbers we may have to shift things around.

We will communicate any changes via email. 

2023 Grad Class will begin at 10:00AM

2022 12:00PM

2021 and College Guys 2:00PM 

Walk-ups, the day of, will absolutely be turned away.


I don’t like being like that but when you’re coordinating things like this, we can’t have new names walking in at the last minute. 


Below is the link to sign up. 

You will be sent a Google Form to complete after payment is made.

CURRENT EAP Athletes use this link.

("Current" Means you paid the December 2020 monthly fee and are currently training at EAP)

NON-Current EAP Athletes use this link.

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