Open Recruiting Workout

We are up to (as I type this) 14 colleges that will be in attendance for our Open Workout January 11, 2020.


 I’m getting the same question a lot, and it’s no ones fault but my own. My stubborn’ness is usually my own downfall. The question is “What is this?” “What are you going to do?” 


This is a showcase.


I just dislike that term, so I didn’t use it.


Probably should have. 

The goal is to provide these coaches with more information about the athlete than they usually get at a showcase event.

Obviously we are going to do all the normal stuff like Throwing Velocities, Mound Velocities, and Exit Velocities but we also will be providing Blast Motion and Kinematic sequencing/speed data. Believe it or not, coaches are already using these things in the recruiting process. 

Once we are finished collecting these things, we are going to do some live-AB’s so the coaches can see them competing. 


I believe it will be a great experience for the athletes that come out. 

Walk-ups, the day of, will absolutely be turned away.


I don’t like being like that but when you’re coordinating things like this, we can’t have new names walking in at the last minute. 


Below is the link to sign up.


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