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HitTrax League

Beginning Wednesday October 27 at 7pm. 


  • 4 teams 


  • 4 people per team. Teams will be assigned  by drawing from a hat. 


  • Players can decide on team name once teams are formed. 


  • Games will be 7 innings. Allowing 8-10 AB’s per player. 


  • Games will take approximately 40 minutes each. 


  • There will be two games per night. Each team will play one game. 


  • 6 game guarantee. 


  • Game 2 of each night will begin approximately 10-20 minutes after completion of game 1. 


  • Ages 15 and up. Advanced 14’s will be able to participate upon request. 


  • All pitches will be thrown by Spinball pitching machine set to 80mph 4 seam fastball.


  • Prizes will be awarded weekly to the player that hits the farthest ball, and to the 1st place team at conclusion of the season.


  • Deadline for registration is 11:59pm Monday October 25. 

  • If needed, extra teams may be added, and the schedule expanded to more Friday nights. 

  • Once the season has begun, new players MAY NOT be added. 

  • Substitutions or "Pick Up" players are not allowed. 

  • Any player entering the cage without a helmet will be given one warning. A second offense will result in an out.

  • Hittrax calls all balls, strikes, and outs. We cannot change outcomes.

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