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EAP is a place where athletes come to be the best they can be. Using a mixture of cutting edge training protocols and old-school strength and conditioning, we take our athlete's game to the next level. We help them become The Elite. 



 Price is "All-Inclusive" meaning the athlete can participate in as many sessions each week as they want. Kind of like an all-you-can-eat buffet of classes. Obviously we recommend only one session per day but we offer a group training session every weekday and we would be thrilled if your athlete wants to train 5 days per week with us. 

Don't worry, we build in a recovery day so they won't

over-do it. 


$140 per month. 

First month includes a $85 Annual Fee due with payment. 



*Payment is due by the 5th of each month. 


**It is not required but we ask if possible that you allow us to keep a card on file to handle monthly billing. This is not a contract and can be cancelled at anytime by emailing and requesting to postpone or cancel your billing. 


4pm-530pm Speed/Strength/Skill

530pm-7pm Speed/Strength/Skill


4pm-5pm Strength Training only


Classes are 90 minutes. Baseball and Softball athletes complete Velocity/Arm Care/Hitting work during "Skill" period after Speed and Strength work are complete. 


Athletes ages 16 and up are welcome to stay longer if needed to complete extra skill work.



Class Descriptions

10-20 Minutes

Dynamic Warmup



45 Minutes

Strength Training- 


Our Strength Training class is built around powerlifting principles that have been used for centuries. We incorporate heavy movements with explosive movements to make our athletes extremely strong and fast. Strength workouts include: 

- Movement prep warm-up 

- Strength Training 

- A cool down period that is a nice mixture of yoga, foam rolling and a few other techniques we've learned to help speed recovery. 

While it is true we specialize in the baseball community, we do train athletes of all sports. Baseball athletes that choose to participate in our Arm Care/Velocity Building program will complete their Arm Work training during the Skill portion of the workout.


Non-baseball athletes are welcome to get with coach Adam and coach Mike to develop a plan to best utilize their skill period each day. They are also encouraged to get extra recovery and/or strength work. 

20-30 Minutes


Baseball/Softball will complete arm care/velocity programming as well as several rounds of constraint type hitting work. 

On Monday nights, EAP's Hitting Coordinator Austin Pfeiffer (2014 Baltimore Orioles draftee) joins us to "float" around the cage and offer any help or insight he feels will help our athletes be better hitters. 

He is also available for private hitting and pitching lessons(He was also a very successful pitcher in college).

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