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EAP 18u Select Baseball

 Elite Athletic Performance LLC  Training Facility and  18u Select Baseball Organization. 


Team and facility info:

EAP trains its athletes in all aspects of human performance. But, we are focused heavily on baseball athletes. We are located in Benton, Arkansas but train athletes all over the country via our remote athlete program.


Elite Athletic Performance LLC as a performance training facility in the last 7 years:

  • over 120 Scholarship athletes

  • 10 professional baseball contracts signed 

  • 2 athletes projected to make their MLB big league debut in 2022. 


From this population of athletes we choose our best available, age appropriate talent, and form a “Select” baseball team. 

Our team plays a Summer and Fall schedule. 

Summer schedule consists of 4 to 6 nationally recognized tournaments. 



Our Fall schedule is scrimmages versus college baseball teams. This is very unique  experience for our athletes. We scrimmage colleges to get reps against better competition, to provide recruiting opportunities for our players, and for the coaches of the teams we play. 

Fall 2022 Schedule will likely include scrimmages against colleges such as:

  • Rich Mountain CC

  • South Ark Cc

  • SAU Tech

  • Champion College

  • Northern Oklahoma- Enid


    ⁃Our team is an “18u” team (18 years of age and under). We operate our team similar to a college team. Regardless of age, if you can help us win, you will play. 

We view our team as our best marketing strategy for our gym. 

  • Since founding our team in summer 2019 we have two overall tournament wins and three more top 3 finishes. Our current summer win percentage is .738.

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