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EAP 18u Fall 2022

Who do we play?

We literally scrimmage the colleges listed above. It is a great opportunity for the respective schools to recruit our players and for our players to get a taste of college level competition.

The games are formatted like fall baseball games are in college. There is typically one of their players behind the mound umpiring. We can manipulate the situations in the games to allow for the coaches to see our players perform. 

Example: If one of the coaches wants to see one of our hitters hit and he gets HBP, we can simply restart the at bat.

Be prepared to play A LOT, especially on the Saturday games. It is not uncommon for colleges to play 18-21 inning games. We typically don't have enough pitching for that, but it is not uncommon for us to just play until we run out of arms.


How much does it cost?

That includes dry fit shirt and a hat.
 Players just need to provide their own pair of white pants and socks.

Socks can be Carolina blue or black.
(Pic below of uniforms)

Fall 21 Group.JPG
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