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  • Michael Richards

How I built my mound.

There is a semi off-color joke I once heard about something/someone “Not being very pretty but getting the job done” that would kill right here.....but I’ll just get to the business.

I started off with three- 2”x8”x8’ pine boards. Honestly I probably should’ve gone with four but I was trying to keep the weight as low as possible. Looking back it’s still really heavy so yeah. Anyways, I Measured 2 feet down the board and began putting on an angle all the way down to the end of the board. This is really important because I did not want a drop off at the edge or end of my mouth. I wanted the angle to blend directly into the floor. If you are not relatively experienced with a Skil saw, I highly, highly recommend you get somebody to do this for you because I’ve been using one for years and I almost screwed it up. Well technically I did screw it up but I was able to cover up my mistakes later on basically because I’ve been building crap for the gym for a long time and made a whole lot of mistakes and gotten really good at covering them up.

Then I had one sheet of 4‘ x 8‘ OSB or plywood. Then two 4‘ x 6‘ stall mats from tractor supply. They are like $45 each.

Next is the trim that’s on top of the mound it’s two- 2x4’s 8 foot long and then one 2 x 4 that is 4 foot long.

You will then need some two by fours to use as spacers/braces in between your 2x8’s that I mentioned earlier. I cannot remember the lengths of these but all you have to do is lay your 2“ x 8“ out to the width you want your mound and then measure in between them then screw those in as your braces. Notice the braces are standing on their side at the higher parts of the mound but laying flat towards the bottom.

I have since had to go back and add a little bit more bracing at the very tip of the bottom part of the mound you may just have to get creative on how to do that so it doesn’t mess with how your angle strikes the ground just to be sure that you don’t insert any screws with a sharp point going up. That sounds kind of elementary but I caught myself doing it one night and realized before it was too late and figured out another way. Even if the screws aren’t actually sticking through to where someone can step on them, overtime they could and you don’t want that.

I’m going to insert the whiteboard instructions that I laid out below (actually it’s above because Wix hasn’t fixed the glitches in their app yet!😡) so between what I drew on the white board, the above description and pictures of the mound I’ll drop in the comments you should be able to put it together. ok so apparently you have to have a wix login to see comments so I’ll put the pics in the blog. Way to make things complicated Wix. Preciate that.