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How do EAP’s programs work?

How the fall program works at EAP. If you’ve considered training at EAP PLEASE read entirely. This is the best I’ve ever done at explaining what we do.

I’m getting ton of questions about our Fall Baseball development program which tells me I’ve done a poor job of explaining it. Honestly that doesn’t surprise me for a few reasons

1. Frankly, it’s unique. Unique things aren’t always easy to understand or explain.

2. I can coach! Im pretty darn good at it. But when it comes to explaining things ...I leave some to be desired,especially things came up with on my own. This trait runs very strong in my family. Didn’t you know you’re supposed to read my mind??

What you need to know

1. “When does it start and end?”

We will ramp up our activities that LOOK like what you would expect a baseball program to look like on September 3rd. The month of August (for the most part) was spent by our current athletes getting as strong as possible and recovering from a (way too) long baseball season.


Please understand, EAP’s programs never “start” or “end”.

Imagine a year-long, athletic development program designed for YOUR kid and the sport he or she plays. THAT IS WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY AT EAP.


You pay your monthly fees and adhere to it, to the best of your ability. If you can come 3, 4, or 5 days per week, perfect! If you can only come once or twice, that’s cool but don’t expect the same results as the person that comes 3,4, or 5 days per week.


This Fall Development Program is simply what baseball players that want to get better for next season SHOULD BE DOING AT THIS POINT OF THE CALENDAR YEAR.


August provides a solid foundation for September. October builds upon September. November builds upon October. December builds upon November and TEACHES THE ATHLETE HOW TO USE THEIR NEW FOUND ABILITIES.

Our program doesn’t END in December, IT CHANGES. Yes, our numbers will drop because HS practices will be ramping up, but for the baseball/softball athletes that continue to train at EAP, they will begin transitioning into their “maintenance program” towards the end of the month and that will run until the next off-season. Without this, the gains made during the fall will diminish as the demands of practices and games take their toll.

2. “Can an athlete start late?”

Yes, but he or she will be behind the athletes that started from the beginning?

3. “How many days per week?”

We’re here 5 days per week. How many days you utilize that is up to you.

4. “We can only make it once or twice per week, is it worth it?”

“Worth it” is a relative term only you can answer. When your athlete is “In-Season” two days per week is fine. When your athlete is in their “Off-Season” like baseball and softball players should be in the fall, two days per week is technically “better than nothing” but remember your level of dedication and adherence to the program will directly mirror the level of results you will receive.

5. “Can we do this in a private lesson once per week?”

No. The level of customization and planning done for this would make the private lesson setting extremely expensive.

6. How do you do this for kids of different sports? My soccer player wants to train there but I’m not paying for him to throw baseballs.

All of EAP’s programs begin with the exact same template. Make the athlete as strong and explosive as possible. Ironically, the baseball/softball athletes are the ones that must deviate a bit from that original “template” in order to complete all of the necessary throwing, hitting, arm care, etc., work needed due to the uniqueness of the sport. Your non-baseball athlete can stay “hammered down” on the strength and explosiveness plan.

7. How long are the workouts each day

90 minutes. Unless you’re above 16. Then you can be here as long as you like as long as you are training and not disrupting.

8. When would we come in?

Monday-Thursday 4pm or 530pm.

Your choice of times. Doesn’t matter to us

Friday’s 4pm-530pm only.

Additionally, I want to be clear about what this program IS NOT. This is not a 4 or 6 week “camp” or clinic. I don’t like selling those type of packages because it capitalizes on people’s yearning for a “quick fix”. This is not a “Velocity Clinic” that we do one or two nights per week where a coach sits on a bucket and tells an athlete random verbal cues about his mechanics that he thinks will help the athlete perform. This also, is not simply a weighted ball program. Will some athletes use weighted balls? Absolutely, if the athlete is strong enough, moves well enough, long tosses far enough, etc, etc then yes, that particular athlete will use some weighted balls when the time is right.

What this is, is a development program that BUILDS upon each day, week, month, etc.