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13 Things I want to tell every student athlete.

Michael Richards

ISSA Certified Strength Coach

Owner Elite Athletic Performance LLC

Published Author

16 years of experience training athletes

1. Art class does not impact your core GPA. Nor does any other silly elective you choose as an “easy A”. If you want to play in college you will have to have a good GPA in the main courses.

2. Hitting a bucket of balls, throwing a bullpen, throwing/running routes at the field, hitting a volleyball to a net is NOT “grinding”

3. We (grownups) are envious of the fact that you can still play sports. That is why we are hard on you.

4. I am an extreme case but, just to explain number 3 a little more. If i could suit up and play a game with you, and we had a crystal ball that told me we’d get beat like 100-0. It would still be one of the best days of my adult life just to get to play one more game. So please enjoy even the little things you hate if possible.

5. If you want to be good/great, you do not have a choice. IT TAKES WHAT IT TAKES. It’s ok to not desire to be great, BUT do not talk about being great unless you are willing to sacrifice a lot of stuff normal HS kids do.

6. Do not go crazy with this advice but, you have 4 years to play HS sports. You have the rest of your life to be loyal. If you NEED to transfer then make the move.

7. Play your sport until they rip the ball out your hand.

8. 99 out of 100 times your coach doesn’t hate you. You👏are👏not👏as👏good👏as👏you👏think👏you👏are.

9. In 20 years, those team mates you have now that you don’t really click with will feel like best friends. The ones you do Click with will feel like extended family.

10. If you have to “grind” do you really love it?

11. Real Talk: If you are going to be uncoachable, or have a bad attitude or whatever you have to be good enough on the field to make it worth it for the coach to put up with your crap. On the opposite side of this, you can make up for lack of ability on the field with being coachable, having a crazy good work ethic, and having a good attitude.

12. It doesn't matter if you play ten sports, if you aren't good enough to play your first sport in college, being a "multi-sport Athlete" isn't going to help. You need to be honest enough with yourself to know when it's time to spend more time becoming more athletic and honing your craft.

13. YOUR success is my oxygen. Without it my life would be missing a huge key to my happiness. Please remember this when, for the 50th time this week, I am asking you if you have completed your wrist weight circuit or if you have done your mobility work yet.

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