Online Training Packages

1) Mobility/Recovery Package:

Stiff? Always sore? Can't seem to recover from workouts? This is the package for you.

Foam Rolling techniques, monthly stretching progressions, and massage tools and tricks to help you feel and perform your best!

2) Velocity/Arm Care Package: 

Ready to light the radar gun up next spring? Of course you are! Lets get started today. This is a monthly progressive weighted ball, arm care, and throwing program. Click here and check out our FAQ's page to see what equipment you will need for this program. 

3) Strength Program:

It is time to get jacked with this age appropriate strength program!


Choose the package that is right for you. Once payment is made, you will receive a consultation form via email. This is how we get the information we need to build the program that is right for you. Check back frequently! We will be adding packages regularly! Speed and Agility, and Vertical Jumping will be added very soon! 

- Subscriptions will continue on a monthly basis after completion of agreed up on term. 

- 30 day notice is required for cancellation